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Avasta Rõuget mängides- mängi avastades
Läbi müüdud!

Teenus: "Avasta Rõuget mängides" on saadaval vaid inglise keeles.

Avasta, et Rõuge on..mängulaud!

Kõik atraktsioonid, kohad ja objektid seal saavad osaks sellest mängulauast. Sinu ringreisist saab mängu kulg. Sinust endast saab mängu nupp, mis liigub mööda radu, ürgorgu ja teistesse kohtadesse, kus sind ootavad lõbusad ülesanded! Ülesandeid lahendades saad sa teada huvitavaid fakte ja lugusid Rõuge ajaloost, kulutuurist ja siinsetest elanikest.

Meie mäng juhib sind mööda kõige põnevamaid Rõuge radasid. See aitab sul ümbruskonda näha hoopis teise pilgu läbi, aktiivselt liikuda ja mis kõige tähtsam - lõbutseda!

Imagine that Rõuge is a... a game board!

Kui sull meeldib puhata tegutsedes, avastada uusi kohti uuel moel, lõbutseda tuleb sul see teenus kindlasti broneerida.

Mängimiseks vajad vaid mängu kaarti, mugavaid saapaid ja huumorimeelt!


All the attractions, places, and objects located there have become part of it. Your tourist trip is the round in the game. You are a pawn, moving through trails, valleys, and other places, where tasks await you! When you solve them, you'll learn interesting facts and stories related to the history, culture, characters of Rõuge.

Our touristic game is based on a scenario that'll guide you through the most interesting places in Rõuge. It allows you to see them from a different perspective, spend time in an active way, and above all - have fun!

If you like to actively rest, explore new places in an alternative way, and have fun, sign up. All you need is a game card, good shoes, and humor!

Sounds interesting? Take part! 


Teenus sisaldab
card game with all information necessary to complete the game
possibility to win the prize
new experience and good time :)
Oluline teada
Groups of more than 2 persons will get lower price.
The average time to complete the game route is 60 minutes, however, participants adjust the pace to their own abilities.
The route of the game is varied in terms of topography - people who have difficulty moving or tire quickly should take part in the game under the supervision of another person or do it in parts.
We suggest to have water, a snack, comfortable and weather-appropriate shoes and clothes, and take something from rain or sun.
The participants themselves take part in the game - no animator or guide is needed to play it.
Children under 13 years old should take part with adult participant.
How to play?
After booking this service, you'll get the mail with the card game and all details.
Before coming to Rõuge, download the card game, follow the instructions as you discover places of interest and solve quests along the way.
After successfully completing the game, send your answers through the link you'll get… and wait! Maybe you'll win the prize?
Teenuse kestus
estimated time - 1 hour
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Avasta Rõuget mängides- mängi avastades

Urszula Malińska - has over 10 years of experience in creating activities for local and international societies. Coordinator of local, international projects and events. Co-author of city games in Łódź, Poland. Trainer in the field of city games, creativity, and design thinking in local and international trainings and workshops.

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