KYLAS is a new online platform, where people living in remote (rural) areas can introduce their traditional lifestyle and activities to visiting tourists, who seek like-a -locals style visiting experience. In addition to already existing entrepreneurs and new social target groups like retired, unemployed, part-time employed are involved in creating new tourism services for the area.


KYLAS webpage differs from a similar platform that is already in the market by having an Estonian language environment where the service providers can enter their information. and Estonian speaking customer support  and online training program to learn how to develop services.  By creating this opportunity we can engage people from rural areas and different social groups.


Research into global tourist trends shows that people look for authentic new experiences. Increasingly, people make decisions based on emotions and they expect that the desired product, service or activity is found easily, with little time spent on it. KYLAS services will be available especially in South Estonia and after the 2024 Year of Culture Capital, the KYLAS service area will be expanding to the rest of Estonia and abroad.


One of the great challenges of South Estonia is the lack of foreign language service providers and the overall unstable quality of service providing. Tartu with South Estonia will be the European Capital of Culture in 2024 and with that, the number of foreign visitors will rise. This creates an opportunity to approach new target groups. The demand for individual and region introducing services will only grow. Therefore it is important to contribute to different activities that will create more confident newcomers to the tourism sector who can provide expected service.


By the year 2024, we aim to create at least 400 new like-a-local services. The area will be internationally known for its beautiful nature and interesting people that can provide services fit to clients needs.

The project will be led by Foundation or Võru County Development Centre. 


SA Võrumaa Arenduskeskus
Aadress: Jüri 12, Võru 65605
Reg. kood: 90013972
Konto EE071010220264117224
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KYLAS project leaders:
Aigi Young
TEL 5309 0923


Kadri Moppel
TEL 5331 1919